'Evel' Dick Donato HIV Diagnosis Shocking? 'Big Brother' Winner Reveals Why He Left Season 13 On 'Couples Therapy' (VIDEO)

I don’t even know what to say about this. I feel bad for the guy. I can’t imagine coming into the bb house expecting to play and instead find out you’ve got hiv. That’s gotta be so scary. Dick is the kinda guy who never wants anyone to think he has any sort of weakness, I think it’s super strong of him to come out about this though.

I’d heard about him revealing something for a couple days but I never ever thought that this would be what it was

It’s fucking sunday you stupid bitch

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Ariana being in the audience when other jury members families have been denied being a part of the audience

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I haven’t even watched bb in weeks. I’m only watching the finale to see prejury (-devin), hayden, nicole, zach and donny

I’m ready

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Okay wait where did you get that Zach shirt ? —Anonymous


Some beautiful soul posted it in the tag a while back and I was like omg need this.

Came just in time for finale night <3 I’m crying

But the site its from is right here

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Someone hacked frankies instagram

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also thank you guys for making my first game fun. like i just imagined being helen with a fucking gun and heels on shit talking all you bitches. it was fun

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I slayed ur faves like whatevs

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